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Akupanels Have Been Burning Our Passion

Product Showcase

Akupanel (2400*600mm)




Sample | 205*127mm

Sample | 205*127mm


Just take a look at how spaces are graced with akupanels, a perfect complement for home improvement, blending aesthetics with functionality


  Living Room

  TV Backdrop

Study Room



   Bar Counter

  Dining Room

   Creative Wall



 Reception Room

7 Reasons to Work with Us 

A Different Perspective We Look at Akupanels

What works as the source of the passion is the greatness of this product itself. This product is destined to play a significant role in replacing un-ecofriendly deco panels, which in return benefits the planet, human health and animals. Everything that makes up an akupanel contributes to a more inhabitant friendly planet.

Akupanels won’t be a fashionable product, but will become a classical product. It won’t become a very profitable product, but we can have a huge volume from this business. If your business is good at running something that has huge volumes but of low profit, akupanels could be a wonderful product.  

Our judgement lies in the fact that we humans lack a standard product (What we mean by a standard product is that they are offered in some certain sizes and available in nearby stores) for wall decoration, which is demanded at a business scale as large as tiles for floor decoration. Akupanels are the possibility, if you take its aesthetics, ease of installation, DIY friendliness and economicality into consideration, not to mention its acoustics, especially its eco-friendliness, which caters to the product philosophy of the modern and future world.  

The top layer: Veneer. 

The current demand is natural veneer, because it is more profitable, but the trend is engineered veneer. Every engineered veneer(made from fast growing forestry) put into replacing its natural counterpart reduces the use of virgin forests that take tens of years to mature.

The middle slat layer: MDF. 

MDF is a very ecological material, also made from fast growing forestry. Every fast growing tree put into making MDF saves a tree from virgin forests that take tens of years to mature from being destroyed, which is a blessing that is delivered by us for our posterity. 

The backing layer: Felt. 

Felt is made with 50% in content at minimum from recycled PET bottles or reclaimed carpets, and the balance is also recyclable. Its involvement in the industry of decoration helps lessen the burden of our oceans  and landfills. Waste is put into circular use.